Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Doxxing and Arms Race will lead to Civil War

The aftermath of Charlottesville will almost certainly be more violent and more polarizing than the event itself. There is currently a concerted effort by various individuals who are anti the Alt-Right to “doxx” any participants in the Unite the Right rally. The use of “doxxing”, or publicly revealing a target’s personal information including name, occupation, address etc., is an escalation that will inevitably result in more conflict, and an operational “arms race” between the opposing sides.

The purpose of doxxing a person is to let a wider group of likeminded people know about the identity of a person, with the specific hope that there will be consequences for the target due to this increased awareness. A recent example is Eric Clanton, a man who attacked Trump supporters at a Berkeley rally with a bike lock whilst wearing a mask. “Doxxers” analyzed the video of the event and managed to pull enough detail from the various shots to piece together a partial face photo that they matched with Eric. This information was then passed to law enforcement, and then the wider group applied pressure to the law enforcement to follow up. Eric has since been arrested and charged.
This is to me is an example of good doxxing or citizen investigation, specifically because the citizens handed over the information to law enforcement to complete the investigation and did not take it upon themselves to find and punish Eric.

However the doxxing that is currently being directed at the Alt-right is not investigation, but is intended to punish people for exercising their right to participate in a first amendment-protected event.

The above is just one of many cases, where people who are anti the Alt-Right are seeking to doxx people merely for participating in the rally and holding Alt-Right political views. It seems obvious, but let’s be clear; doxxing someone who committed a crime (assault with bike lock for instance) is different from doxxing someone who is exercising their right to participate in a political rally.
The intention of the doxxing post-Charlottesville is that the doxxers are hoping that other people who are anti the Alt-Right will extra-judicially punish these participants. Specifically what form of punishments the doxxers intend is up for debate. It would seem at a minimum they want they want their targets to lose their jobs and livelihoods, and be ostracized by their social groups for holding the wrong political views. It is also my view that implicit in this type of doxxing is the threat of bodily harm, as it is common for doxxed persons to receive death threats, and part of the punishment is the world of paranoid fear the doxxed person is plunged into.

Further, doxxed persons can be subjected to threats against their family. Thankfully I have yet to hear of one of these threats being carried out, but all the same, the punishment is the fear of not knowing if or when the attack is coming.

My view is that the people doing political doxxing are either too shortsighted to realise what this will inevitably lead to, or that they genuinely want civil war. They seem to think that their attacks on the Alt-Right will occur in a vacuum and that the attacks themselves will not change the nature of the current cultural and societal civil war.

Firstly, as a response the Alt-Right will further take on a siege mentality as they are literally now under attack. This will strengthen their convictions that the system is persecuting them, and that their enemies are not reasonable and cannot be negotiated with. Secondly, like Antifa and their ilk always has, Alt-Right rally participants will now start to wear face coverings to prevent themselves being doxxed.
Regardless of whether you agree with Antifa or the Alt-Right, widespread face coverings make it impossible for law enforcement to actually pick out trouble makers during the event or catch them after via video analysis. This means that there is now an implicit air of impunity for illegal acts, meaning that rather than just a few incidents of throwing glass or bricks and scuffles, rallies will become literal battlegrounds. We saw a preview of this in Charlottesville, as police appeared to be given stand down orders and therefore allowed illegal acts to take place.

Further, once both sides acknowledge that there is likely to be violence and concerted violence, they will prepare accordingly. This process has begun already as many of the Alt-Right rally participants and counter-protestors turned up in body armor and with shields. Keep in mind that Alt-Right personality Baked Alaska may have permanent eye damage due to having acid thrown at him. It may become compulsory to wear acid proof goggles for Alt-Righters seeking to exercise their first amendment rights in the future.

Particularly worrisome, is that this battle preparation escalation will mean that rather than ad-hoc weapons like bricks and bottles being used, sides will turn up armed. For now, it appears acid is rare, but there were plenty of bats and mace spray in use, as well as the normal bottled piss and excrement being thrown by degenerates. The important thing to keep in mind is that the means will keep escalating, as it only takes one incident to ratchet up the risk for everyone, as once it has occurred everyone has a valid fear that anyone else could so. For instance, Micah Johnson turned up to a Dallas political rally in 2016 armed with a semi-automatic rifle intending to kill white people, especially white police officers, because of his grievances over police shootings of black men. He successfully killed five officers before being killed himself.

Now everyone is aware that anyone else could be carrying a gun, and therefore it is logical to exercise your 2nd amendment right and carry a gun yourself; hence a literal arms race.
This will mean more and more violence on the streets, as government itself is crippled by the various political factions fighting within it for control of the apparatus of the state.
Don’t think that this escalation is only occurring in America. Already Antifa and similar groups doxx Australia’s right wingers or “thought criminals” on sites like https://antifacistactionsydney.wordpress.com and http://southerncrosstika.com, safe in the knowledge that for now their actions are not attracting justice or retaliation.

I posit that this process of escalation is what causes the end of consensus politics and lays the foundation for deep societal disharmony. Once you have a disharmonious society, it’s really only prosperity (trains running on time, full bellies and stable property prices) that prevents war, both civil and foreign. Given that government debt and household debt is at all-time highs everywhere in the world, I’d say we are accelerating towards a period that will upend all that we know. A defacto civil war in the streets of the nation enforcing world order or “Pax Americana”, will be the harbinger of the end or restoration of Western civilization.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Ultimate Blackpill: Gender Relatonships

Something big happened today on the internet. Now I know that’s very vague but I can’t help but think it’s going to have far reaching implications, and I can’t really make it clear how far reaching this might be without giving you the background first.

So this tale begins with the rise of the Manosphere. Broadly, this was a cultural awakening by men who realised that the blissful dream of modern dating, courtship and relationships was not a dream at all but a nightmare. This was men all over the West realising that in fact what society, their parents, their schools and even women were telling them about what women wanted was not just incorrect, but maliciously incorrect.

You see, they were told that women liked nice men and reliable men, men who prioritized relationships, but their lived experience was that women didn’t want men like that; in fact the opposite, women wanted bad boys, unpredictable men who did not place women or relationships on a pedestal, and most importantly of all, they wanted high “status” men. But when this single thread was pulled from the fabric of the lie, these newly awakened men saw more than they bargained for:
  • They saw that they would never get to live in the monogamous society of their Grandfathers.
  • They saw that the welfare state was now the provider for women, and that men were to be the tax cattle to be farmed to maintain it.
  • They saw that the police state was the hyper-vigilant protector of women, and that they were now redundant.
  • They saw the divorce stats and realised that divorce was no longer a bug in the system of modern marriage, but an intended feature.
  • They saw that women didn’t even need emotional support or validation from their partner, they prefer the validation of social media and a horde of orbiters available at the press of a button.
  • They saw that many women nowadays don’t even really want a family, except in some sort of long term abstract “I’d like a child one day” sense; their careers and social life are of much more importance.
Finally they saw that there were only two ways a man could demonstrate significant value to a woman:
  • Physical attractiveness.
  • Status
But this was depressing (or “black pilling”) because both of these are relative in nature. Not everyone can be physically attractive or high status. In fact, like Qui-Gon Jinn said, “there’s always a bigger fish”, so how were you meant to perpetually display physical attractiveness and high status? There will always eventually be someone stronger, richer, more charismatic, more handsome.
But what to do with this information? This is where the factions of the Manosphere split off.
The MGTOW or Men going their own way, saw it as an unfair game and simply declined to play, acknowledging that there is more to existence than chasing the unobtainable. In contrast TRP, or “The Red Pill”, focused on self improvement; i.e. becomin attractive, becoming high status, becoming confident. TRP instructed its adherents to attain a high sexual market value and date multiple women, or “spin plates” as they called it.

Everyone in the Manosphere acknowledged that the whole crumbling edifice of gender relations was unsustainable; after all, civilization is built on and by monogamous families, so how can that occur if all men are going their own way or spinning plates?

Most didn’t bother with this level of introspective thought. They advocated for “enjoying the decline”, which is rational given that society was not really interested, and was contemptuous of their plight. But on the various internet meeting grounds, TRP’ers and MTGOW’s discussed what could be done to restore order and normalcy.

A third school of thought was arising in the manosphere, particularly in the younger members, this group had its origins in the PUA hate forum, a forum dedicated to the hatred of silver tounged pick up artists who sold guides and tips to pick up women. These disaffected men believed that not only had society lied to them but that the “The Red Pill” had as well. This group of men contended that you couldn’t just become attractive, confident or charismatic like the TRP’ers advocated, because your attractiveness & status was limited by a combination of your childhood and adolescent experiences, genetics and facial bone structure.

This group realised that if women didn’t need partners or providers because they didn’t want families, they would only want sexual partners, and therefore if you weren’t the sort of specimen that was a prime sexual partner you were shit out of luck. “Tinder” and other hook-up apps gave these women access to the infinite prime sexual partners they needed, or “Chads”, and one “Chad” could provide that service for many women. This group realised that they were not needed any more, they were superfluous to requirements. A further split occurred between people who wanted to “looksmax” which is maximise physical attractiveness via surgery to become “Chad” and those who just hated the nature of the world and female hypergamy. The main internet forums for these sub-divisions are “lookism” and “sluthate” respectively. They also congregated in a sub-reddit forum called r/incels, “incels” meaning involuntary celibate.

These schools of thought are literally everywhere now in male spaces, and they have their own meta-language, including terms such as “LDAR” which means “Lay down and rot” which is a grim humour method of saying “don’t worry about it just give up” and “suicide fuel” which describes anything that might make one want to commit suicide, such as seeing a happy Chad and Stacey pairing. Stacey is their name for a slightly ditzy girl who waltzes through life, unaware of the existential struggle all men around her are engaged in.

For the most part though, these movements were ignored by the mainstream, perhaps until today. Now that I have given you the background I can finally tell you the news.

Reddit user u/RippedRichandIncel posted a thread entitled “THE ATOMIC BLACKPILL”, this thread contained sceenshots from interactions with girls on Tinder, but where the user had set up a fake profile with male model pictures. Now this had been done before, and been dismissed by the mainstream, but this time he specifically said in his profile bio that he was guilty of several counts of child rape.

As you can see, the fact that so many attractive girls responded positively to the fake “Ray Perr” profile and that they talked so flippantly about the nature of his crimes, is the black pill to end all black pills. u/RippedRichandIncel noted that he had received 162 matches from 204 attempted matches, this is on an app where it is not uncommon for normal men to get two matches from the same amount of attempts.

In the comments, people were discussing the nature of women and decrying the effects of rampant hypergamy. Commenters were questioning whether it is really in society and civilisation’s best interest for women to only allow men who give them “tingles” the opportunity to breed. Most importantly, they were discussing what is to do be done about the absolute epidemic of entitled “thots” (that hoe over there) the world is drowning in.

This post is already shooting up the charts at reddit and it’s only a matter of time before it’s story gets told on every Manosphere forum, and to an entire generation of young men.

A storm is coming, things can not go on as they have.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Sam Dastyari Strikes Back

Is anyone else tired of hearing about Sahand Dastayiri? Sahand lost his cabinet position for implicitly selling out Australian democracy to foreign billionaires in September 2016, but since February 2017 has been re-promoted to the position of Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate. Of course you can’t keep a truly corrupt politician down, as now it turns out that not only was Sahand a state secretary of the ALP when it received funds from a Chinese billionaire with links to the Chinese communist party, but this billionaire also happens to be involved in cigarettes and has some truly interesting business practices that might amount to to tobacco smuggling… Full details here:

I don’t really want to get into the ethics of Sahand, the ALP and LNP, as that would make this piece quickly devolve into a truly depressing litany of truly comprised governance. But I do want to spend a moment pointing out the sheer nerve that Sahand has by using this moment, when he is literally being caught red handed doing something that any civically minded citizen knows is wrong, to attempt to present himself as the redeemer of Australian politics by calling for a ban on donations. Somewhat ironically, Bill Shorten has finally seen something that he believes the Australian taxpayer shouldn’t pay for; “When it comes to donations, I don’t think the taxpayer is ready to foot the bill for all political expenses in Australia, so I still think there is a role for donations.”

It’s not secret that I am no fan of Dastayiri, I see him as everything that is wrong with politics personified. A man who has come through the meat grinder machine of university politics, then the world of unions and now the halls of Federal power. For God’s sake, he is a self described “weapons supplier” in the race for donor dollars, which is a euphemism for auctioneer of the integrity of the Australian political sphere.

I hope that some day his latest scandal will finally cause him to resign and he can take up work more suited to his skillset and life experiences. As an aside I have heard that they are remaking “Romper Stomper”, the Australian Neo-Nazi movie, as a tv series. The article about it also noted that this time around it will include a “secular Muslim point of view”. Now a “secular Muslim” might seem like a paradox, but according to Sahand’s wikipedia he “identifies as a Muslim, and as an atheist who has “never been religious”. Does this make him a Muslim to atheist transreligionist or MTA tranrel? Not sure, I’ll check what the kids are calling it nowadays, but in any event he seems like the perfect candidate for the job, and I sincerely hope we can lure this traitor away from the levers of power as soon as possible.

Post Script: This also means Sahand was very sneaky on Q&A when he neither confirmed or denied being a Muslim, maybe because his support of gay marriage and general lack of belief in God means that other Muslims might object to him using their label.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

When the Saxon began to hate

I actually want to thank Mohamed Elmouelhy for being literally so stupid and high time preference that he couldn’t even wait for the white genocide to finalise before he made his super-villianesque, beard twirling comment. For the record, I don’t mean that ‘thank you’ sarcastically. I honestly think that Mohamed’s unsubtle comment has redpilled a whole swathe of people as to the nature of existential struggle that is occurring. Too often Westerners accept the “Taqiya”, the crafty lip service paid to the ideals of Modernity from immigrants to the West. Thankfully, every now and then one of these arch-enemies of Western civilisation forgets that the plan works best if everyone keeps it under their hat (or is that burqa?), and blurts it out.

Sadly though, there is more than a grain of truth to Mohamed’s appraisal of Western men. Many Western men do drink too much, inject too much and smoke too much. My view is that this is a result of the relentless subversion and outright assault that the Western male and his culture has been under for the last few decades, and that some Western men have followed the path of least resistance into corrupted lifestyles. Some but not all, and that should give Mohamed pause, and maybe even cut his pre-emptive victory speech short. All across the world Western men who can see the trajectory of our civilisation are forming a new consensus, they are pushing the Overton Window and working earnestly. They are the descendants of all that is good of the West and they will be the future.

Mohamed and his anti-Western ilk don’t see this, because at this point their opposition is not visible hatred. You see, unlike the adherents of a certain cult, Westerners are not natural haters. Too rational and even tempered, these traits are what has facilitated the high trust societies and prosperity that has attracted parasites like Mohamed. But sometimes, not being naturally gifted in a particular skillset can be a blessing. Sometimes, having to learn the fundamentals at a core level before you display them, means that your eventual premiere is perfect, honed as it were by years of reflection and effort. I have a feeling that contrary to Mohamed’s assertion that “the white race will be extinct in another 40 years”, I’d say that in forty years the white race, Christendom and the West will be awakened. I suggest he plan accordingly.

by Rudyard Kipling
It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Government deliberately “shaping” society through immigration

A while ago whilst compiling the research for my articles on Australian demography (Birth rates, displacement and Asian migration), I came across this particular image:

I was somewhat taken aback by the “Shape society” purpose listed. That seemed like interesting language to use, as it implies that the current shape of the nation and the Australian people is not ideal or needs changing.

All the other three purposes are constantly pushed by the media and politicians so I knew about them, but it was still a shock to see “Shape Society”; that looks like central planning of population displacement (replacement?) and seemed a bit Orwellian to me. Naturally I thought it wasn’t real, before seeing it on the following government website:

Thankfully for clarification, part of the census data was available today and I was able to get some interesting quotes:

“Where do we come from? Almost everywhere. Australians were born in close to 200 different countries – meaning people from all over the world are part of our diverse nation.
With more than 300 languages spoken in our homes (including Auslan – Australian Sign Language), more than 100 religions and more than 300 different ancestries, the Census highlights our rich cultural diversity.

“The Census shows that Australia has a higher proportion of overseas-born people (26%) than the United States (14%), Canada (22%) and New Zealand (23%). What about the United Kingdom, you say? Not even close (13%).”
“This makes Australia a hugely diverse nation.
“Dig a generation deeper and our diversity becomes even richer. People born overseas, or who had at least one parent born overseas, made up almost half (49%) of our entire population in 2016. Perhaps this explains why so many of us are not sure who to cheer for in the World Cup, or at Eurovision.
“This is the changing face of our nation. No other data captures and reflects multicultural Australians like our Census does.
“Our own ‘nation of nations’ continues to flourish with each Census.”

A nation of nations? That’s interesting, when I was in primary school I was taught that Australia was a nation of people of diverse backgrounds, but now it’s a nation of nations… I’ll let you reflect on that one.

Thankfully they even have a separate tab for cultural diversity, some more quotes:

“Australia’s ethnic make-up bears little resemblance to that captured in our first national Census conducted in 1911. That Census revealed Australia as a relatively homogeneous nation. However, there’s been so much change in the past 105 years that we can now claim to be one of the most multicultural nations on the planet.”

“England is still the most common birthplace of migrants to Australia (15%), but that share is less than half our 1966 number. The big movers over the past five years have been China (from 6.0% to 8.3%) and India (5.6% to 7.4%). Their combined figure (16%) means that, for the first time, there are more Australians of Chinese and Indian birth than of English birth.
“This not only provides a huge contrast to the 1911 Census, but it also reveals our increasingly closer ties to Asia.”

Punters who are interested in the census will note that the ABS uses the term “ancestry” presumably because ethnicity or race is too risky.
“Ancestry represents the cultural or ethnic group that a person most closely identifies with, rather than just their place of birth. In 2016, the Census identified more than 300 different ancestries in Australia. Our 10 most common ancestries were:
• English (36.1%)
• Australian (33.5%)
• Irish (11.0%)
• Scottish (9.3%)
• Chinese (5.6%)
• Italian (4.6%)
• German (4.5%)
• Indian (2.8%)
• Greek (1.8%)
• Dutch (1.6%).”

Well I think we now know what they mean by shaping society: my only question is, did we ever vote on this?

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Manus settlement: Government and legal system not on Australia’s side

Next time you receive your payslip and see that Pay-as-you-go-withholding line item, spare a thought for the 1900 Manus detainees who have just received a $70 million plus costs settlement from the federal government. These poor blighters are here to culturally enrich our nation and it took a court case for us to realise that we should pay them for the privilege!

Even better, law firm (and ambulance chaser satanic spawn) Slater and Gordon were the lawyers for the detainees, and will get to partake in the expected $20 million costs payout.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said “To date, Australian taxpayers have paid more than $13.7 billion to clean up Labor’s loss of control of our borders. Today another $90 million was added to that bill”.

Keep paying your taxes Australia! Remember the government and legal system is (not) on the side of the citizens!

Now would be migrants know that not only does Australia offer a comfy, first world welfare state, but they’ll even pay you if the accommodation and lifestyle that they are somehow obligated to provide you indefinitely (until they cave and let you in), isn’t satisfactory!

Please reflect on this level of suicidal altruism when you’re on a hospital waiting list, transiting via chronically poorly funded infrastructure of our nation, or paying oppressive levels of taxation.
The nation and the West more broadly will not survive if this level of insanity is maintained in policy, we are now just waiting for a restoration or a collapse.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Truth is the first casualty

Omran Daqneesh was the Syrian boy waiting in an ambulance who became the public face of the Syrian civil war. His image was on every news publication, and at the time it seemed inevitable that US or UN forces would enter Syria and attack the government forces who were the alleged perpetrators of the bombing.

More cynical observers of the footage noted several aspects of the footage that required further questioning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QLMQxluDF8
As you can see from the footage, many questions arose as to why no one else was in the ambulance frantically rushing around as you’d imagine would be the case after a bombing.)
Now the boy and is family are in government held territory, and have released an interview with Pro-Syrian government journalists where Omran’s father complains that he was used as “propaganda”.
Quotes from the BBC are as follows:

“Mohammed Daqneesh (Omran’s father) told a reporter from Iran’s Al-Alam TV that the Syrian opposition and international media had wanted to use Omran to attack President Bashar al-Assad. “They wanted to trade in his blood and published his photos,” he added.
“Mr Daqneesh said he had been sitting with his then five-year-old son when their home was hit on 17 August and that he had not heard a plane overhead.
“He added that Omran had suffered only minor injuries and that the blood on his son’s face had dripped on to him from one of his own wounds.
“As he searched for his three other children among the rubble, “gunmen” took Omran to an ambulance in the street outside and started filming him, Mr Daqneesh said. They then took him to hospital despite there being no need, he added.
“Video footage of Omran being carried from a damaged building and being placed on a seat in the back of an ambulance by an unarmed man who appeared to be a rescue worker was filmed by the pro-opposition Aleppo Media Centre (AMC), after what it said was a series of overnight Russian air strikes on the Qaterji district.”

Observe that now that this alternative story is coming out, the media is taking care to let you know that this story came from pro-government journalists, when they did not care at all about source reliability when the story first hit the headlines, despite the fact the story was directly sourced from anti-government forces, hugely benefited anti-government forces, and could have resulted in a Western invasion of Syria to depose the government.

Were planes overhead? Were they Syrian government or Russian? If there were no planes dropping bombs, does this mean the Rebels false flagged the attack and intimidated Omran’s family? Or are the government doing the intimidation now?

We will never know the truth, because “when war is declared, truth is the first casualty”.
The point is that we can’t rely on any of the factions in Syria to tell the West or the broader world the truth, as they all have vested interests in getting action or inaction from the West.

Let us act rationally. Can anyone actually make the case that a Syrian invasion would benefit the West? if not, let’s not spend the lives of our servicemen, or our tax dollars, to further the cause of any particular faction or oligarch in the Middle East; lord knows we have enough of our own problems at home.